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Looking Back to the Beginning

Jan 25, 2013

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 Kellogg, 1865



In 1863, just two years after Kansas became a state, Kansas State Normal School was founded. Lyman B. Kellogg began the first class on February 15, 1865 as the only faculty member. The school, boasting a total of eighteen students, was operating in a temporary location with borrowed furniture and very limited resources. Kellogg brought the only two books the school had on that first day: a Bible and a dictionary. Emphasizing Latin and English, he taught from a classic background.Mary Jane Watson and Ellen Plumb were the initial graduates at the first commencement held June 28, 1867.


Kellogg led the early development of the school by expanding the faculty, moving the school into its own building, and attracting more students.  Kellogg left Kansas State Normal school in 1871 going on to become a member of the State Legislature, later a probate judge, and eventually Attorney General of Kansas.

 Kellogg, c.1907


From January 28th through the month of February, the artifacts that were present at the humble beginnings of Kansas State Normal School will be on display at the Special Collections and Archives. Visitors are invited to experience the beginning through the eyes of Lyman B. Kellogg, getting to know him through his journals, sketch books, speeches, documents, photographs and relics. A speech given in 1914, where he shares his hopes for the future of Kansas State Normal, will be prominently displayed. We invite you to join us as we pay tribute to the beginning of our institution and inspire thoughts for a hopeful future.  


~ Michelle Franklin

Special Collections and Archives

Special Collections and Archives

Special Collections and Archives

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