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Celebrating the Glory of Fall

Nov 8, 2012

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The Special Collections and Archives welcomes visitors to experience our latest exhibit Celebrating the Glory of Fall, which pays homage to both the natural beauty of fall and the triumph of American veterans remembered officially each November 11th.



The exhibit begins by featuring a number of items from the May Massee Collection. In particular are three illustrations from Miss Hickory, a book written by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, illustrated by Ruth Chrisman Gannett and published by May Massee in 1946                                                                              

                              Hiss Hickory, illustrated by Ruth Gannett     











Miss Hickory shows the magic of a New England winter from the perspective of woodland creatures.  Readers will certainly enjoy experiencing how the many creatures of the woods and farm handle the winter and the changing of the seasons. Occasionally funny, no doubt charming, this unusual little book is worth a read.  

Our exhibit continues the fall theme with cats and nature featuring a few of Kate Seredy’s books, Finnigan II, Gypsy and The Open Gate. While researching Seredy one soon learns that she thought of herself as an illustrator first, explaining that she thought in pictures and was not fond of her own writing.

                                           Open Gate, written and illustrated by Kate Seredy


In The Open Gate Seredy ties the lessons of life into the world of nature and takes the reader back to simpler times. Written right after the attack on Pearl Harbor it ties in nicely with the Veterans’ Day theme carried on in our exhibit. The family works with the Farm Bureau and raises cattle and crops for the government, eventually banding together to help the community through the tough times.


The exhibit then segues into a focus on Veterans’ Day and Emporia’s important role in the holiday’s history. Local resident Alvin J. King wanted to pay tribute to his nephew and other war veterans with a holiday for all who had served. With much work this became a reality in Emporia in 1953 and became official nationally in June of 1954 when President Eisenhower signed it into law. In 2003, on the 50th anniversary of the first celebration, Emporia was declared the founding city of Veterans’ Day. Visitors can see a variety of sources which illustrate the unfolding of Alvin J. King’s great feat!



Emporia State University has supported Veterans’ Day as long as can be remembered and we have resources to show it. Once such illustration are the Vet City display panels that tell the story of campus more than 60 years ago. An example from The Flint Hills Oral Histories project is shown as well so visitors can see the valuable resources available to them from our Special Collections and Archives.



Please be sure to stop by room 119 of White Library between now and Wednesday, November 21st to see the exhibit and learn more about the resources Special Collections and Archives has to offer!


~Michelle Franklin

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