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Fall Semester in the Special Collections and Archives

Nov 13, 2012

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This blog post was contributed by Kylie Lewis '12, an Information Resources Studies student who spent her practicum in the William Allen White Library between Public Services, Tech Services and the Special Collections and Archives. Thanks for all your hard work this semester, Kylie!

~Ashley Todd-Diaz


This semester, for me, has been a crazy journey.  I have been all over the library during the course of my internship.  My final place for my internship has been here in the archives.  Over the last six weeks, I have been working on several projects of varying degrees.  The first project I worked on was helping put together the Bloomer Veterans’ Hall of Honor.  All I did was scan pictures and design the labels, but don’t let that fool you that it was boring.  It was a great creative process that helped me understand what kind of information needed to be presented to understand an archival display.  That was a bit of a whirlwind project because it needed to be done really quickly.  After that, I took a bit of a break and studied Describing Archives: A Content Standard to help me get prepared for my larger project.  I had a few choices of what I could do, but I chose to work with the May Massee Collection of children’s literature and illustrations. 

 The May Massee Collection books before the reordering project began.    May Massee Collection, close-up of books before being reordered.


A previous student had organized the books within the collection by donor.  It had really great provenance but it made it nearly impossible to find what you were looking for easily.  Instead, I was asked to reorganize the collection by year. 


Project in progress, lots of book trucks!


The last few books that need to be reordered.

There were some very interesting books in the collection.  Some of my favorite finds were the books that were printed in foreign languages.  There is one book about Abraham Lincoln in Burmese.  Being down here in the archives has really helped reaffirm that I want to go for an archival emphasis in grad school.  The archives here at ESU are great….if cold.    

~Kylie Lewis

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