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"The Normal Yell is in the Air": A Day at the Game, April 25, 1911

Nov 20, 2012

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April 1911:  A cold breeze blows over a baseball field on which two rival squads compete.  It is the annual battle between Kansas State Normal School and the College of Emporia, and the stands are filled with shivering supporters for each squad. 


A cheer erupts from the KSN fans:

Our boys are on the baseball field,

They’re ready for the fray,

The Normal yell is in the air,

We’ve come to win the day.


Robert Berning Pennants, 2005.0020

Leather, undated.

We’ll win this game of baseball

From our friends across the way,

While we are yelling for Normal.


Hurrah, hurrah!  for Normal’s got the ball,

Hurrah, hurrah!  for College has to fall;


We’ll win this game of baseball

Or there’ll be no game at all

While we are yelling for Normal.

(To the tune of “Marching Thru Georgia)


Pennants wave wildly from fans on the other side of the field:

Robert Berning Pennants, 2005.0020

Leather, undated.

Inning after inning, the cheers continue to soar as the teams battle for victory.  C of E’s first batter scores the first run of the game; KSN answers in the second inning to tie the game.  As the pitchers fight for supremacy, more cries can be heard:


1,2,3,4, Who you going to yell for?

Who for?  Why for? 

Who do you suppose for?



Then shouted five times in a row, with increasing speed, the “Locomotive”:

Hip-hoo-rah!  Hip-hoo-rah!

Normal, Normal, Rah! Rah! Rah!


The College of Emporia players catch fire in the sixth inning, filling the bases then scoring four runs.  A change of pitchers finishes the inning with three strike-outs, but the damage was done. 


  R E H

Kansas State Normal School




College of Emporia





Kansas State Normal School baseball team, 1911

Student Publications: Sunflower, ESU003.004.004.002


College of Emporia baseball team, 1911

Alla Rah yearbook

This story is but one of many told by the Emporia State University and College of Emporia records held by Special Collections and Archives.  An account of this game is reported in The Normal Bulletin, April 25, 1911.  The cheers which may have been used during the game, and many other student songs and yells, are located in the Normaliana Collection (Np:1b.3).  Robert Berning, a 1974 graduate of Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia with a Master of Library Science degree, donated the leather pennants, and the baseball team pictures were published in the 1911 Sunflower and Alla Rah yearbooks. Visit the Special Collections and Archives in room 119 of White Library to access these materials and see what other resources we have to offer!

~ Shari Scribner

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