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Dr. David Edds - Field Experiences with Students

Aug 15, 2013

Tags: assessment biology engagement field experiences field trips labs

Dr. David Edds, Professor of Biology, explains how he incorporates field experiences into his courses.  He shows an example of a student journal and explaines his grading procedures, as well as some tips to help students get the most out of the activities.  He also covers some of the logistics in planning trip times and arranging transportation.  While field trips may seem like more of a natural part of his courses than that of other content areas, the fundamental ideas on how to build a great learning experience for students would apply to any field of study.  

One tip from Dr. Edds is to provide an overview of the activity planned and the content that students will be covering.  You can download two examples that he uses by clicking here and here.

If you have any questions for Dr. Edds you can email him @

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