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Dr. Rajesh Singh - Student-led Discussion Blogs

Aug 15, 2013

Tags: discussion discussion board engagement library science slim student blog student-centered

Dr. Rajesh Singh, Assistant Professor in the School of Library and Information Management, shares how allowing students to choose what questions and issues to discuss in their online discussion blogs has changed his courses.  He shows student examples, shows how Blackboard allows him to monitor student posts and replies, and explains how his role as instructor has changed.  He also discusses his research findings on student interaction and their preferences regarding a blog format vs. a discussion board.  (Click to download a pdf file of his research presentation.)  Rajesh would appreciate any input from instructors who have made similar changes in how they use online discussions, whether to verify that this method is effective, or to suggest improvements that can be made in his courses.  Contact him if you have any ideas or questions.

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