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Dr. Deborah Gerish - Designing Courses around Learning Outcomes and Assessments

Nov 26, 2013

Tags: assessments course design general education grading history learning outcomes objectives

Dr. Deborah Gerish, Associate Professor of History, shares how she has restructured her course assignments to more efficiently target the specific skills that students need to develop in her course.  By beginning with the desired learning outcomes and creating assignments that build on each other in order to meet those outcomes, she has streamlined the assessment process on her side, with less grading and more helpful feedback, and for the students, with fewer, more focused assignments that are each more impactful.  Along the way, discussions of student learning are more productive, and grading is much easier for Dr. Gerish and her GTAs.

For a more detailed description of the separate components of Dr. Gerish's writing assignments and how she works toward the broader General Education goals, rather than limiting her influence on students to simply teaching them historical content, see the video below.  She explains how she teaches students to process the huge amount of data that they may find on a subject to find the best resources to support an informed argument.

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