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Dr. Diane Nutbrown - Building a Classroom Community

Dec 6, 2013

Tags: community engagement social interaction

Dr. Diane Nutbrown, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, explains how she has improved the learning experiences of students, not by changing her teaching style or content delivery, but by emphasising the importance of students' working relationships with each other.  She has see great improvements in how students interact in the class, in labs, and in group study sessions.  With minimal investment of class time, Dr. Nutbrown has helped students build the connections that give them the type of learning environment on which ESU has built its small-university reputation.  Watch the video below to see the simple methods she has used and what her results have been in a variety of class sizes and settings.

Interested in forming students into assigned collaborative learning groups?  Dr. Nutbrown explains in the video below how she has created learning groups based on students' scores on a test that measures abstract/concrete thinking abilities, using these to engage students differently in class work, labs, and even exams.

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