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Visit to the Orphanage

May 24, 2013

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Orphanage - Pushing kids on the swings

By Char Nichols and Nadia

Nadia with Orphan Baby GirlToday was a change of pace for the entire group. Instead of getting up early and doing a set activity, we had the morning open to do as we pleased. Some of us caught up on sleep whereas the others ventured into new areas of the city to get away from the touristy areas. In the afternoon, we all met at the hotel where two cars were sent to take us to the orphanage we had prearranged to meet at. None of us had really realized how much we really had for these children until everything was all together. The orphanage was located in the heart of the city, in an area that not many of us expected. The orphanage was in very good condition, but their needs were very high. As we were explained to by one of the staff members, the government doesn't help out too much with funding. They give what they can, but the children always need more. This orphanage had 40 different children from ages 8 months through 8 years old. We were all able to meet about a dozen of the kids and spend some time outdoors playing with them. We swung on the swings, played tag, and football (soccer) with them for about an hour. They loved the fact that we had cameras and phones with us; something of which they don't see often. Although we didn't get to present the gifts to all the kids, one girl in particular was present as we loaded everything inside, and let out a resounding shout of "Ariel!" In reference to the Little Mermaid doll we had brought them. Overall, this experience was hard to explain in words, but we all were able to reflect and notice the little things in life we each take for granted. We were able to recognize that each person found a passion for servant leadership while spending time with the children. This was a subconscious thing that we all just did. It was one of those things that just felt right.

After returning from the orphanage, we all decided to go on an small excursion through the underground city tour. This would give us the chance to venture through the places that have been preserved through time. Unfortunately, it didn't meet our expectations. Each of us had a different mindset on what to expect. For the most part, we all expected to see hidden tunnels, secret doors, and stories of what had happened down there. The tour itself was a little bland, and overcrowded. It turned out to be more of an architectural tour than a mysterious exploration of the catacombs.

Underground City TourUnderground City Tour

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