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Final Day in Prague

May 27, 2013

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By Bethany Letellier and Tess Hobson

Today was our final day in Prague, filled with bittersweet moments. After a week filled with adventure, we were all scrambling to see final sights, knowing we may never be in Prague again. We began the day with a last shopping trip to our favorite market, in Old Town, then ventured across Charles Bridge to eat lunch, and visited the John Lennon wall for the last time. Created in the 1980s, the wall is located on the outskirts of the Anglo American University and was used for students to express their feelings about the Communist rule. Today, it is a commonly visited monument, among tourists who continue to write on the "graffiti" wall. Although some of us had already visited the wall, we chose to take an alternate route and had to work together as a group to find our way there. It was interesting to see how, in just a few short days, the wall had morphed and changed with different designs. We relate this change with today's ever changing society, and have learned the significance and importance of being able to adapt to change, especially as leaders.

PragueAfter this, our group split up and some of us continued on to climb to the top of the astronomical clock in Old Town Square. Looking out over the beautiful city of Prague, gave us the opportunity to reflect on our past week of adventures. We had ups and downs, "aha" moments, and shared many laughs, but most importantly realized that we had embarked on a journey that will forever impact each and every one of our lives. 

To end our last night in Prague, we had a group dinner at U Fleku, the oldest brewery in Prague that was accompanied by a true feeling of the Czech atmosphere. From the accordion player to the waiters joking around with us, we were all grateful to truly experience the Czech culture at its finest, for one last evening. It let the fact that different is not always worse, really sink in. The Czech culture may be very different than our own, but we all enjoyed the change of pace and appreciated the lively send off. :)

To end the evening, we boarded an overnight train and headed to Poland, excited to start our next leg of the journey. Leaving Prague was a bittersweet moment, but we set off with open minds and hearts knowing that we would be able to conquer any challenges that came our way through teamwork, flexibility, and cooperation.

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