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Second Full Day in Krakow

May 28, 2013

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Today was our second full day in Krakow, and it was filled with unique experiences!  We all have become much more comfortable with our new surroundings and have begun to be able to find our way around.  In Krakow, it has been necessary to take the bus to get into the areas of interest, which has definitely been a new experience for most of us. Many of the main sites of Krakow are located near the main square, so our time today was spent mostly in that area. The main market in the area was a very enlightening experience.  Seeing the over 50 different booths of goods being sold was very helpful in realizing and learning the products that are representative of the Krakow culture.  Many of us found several souvenirs we will be taking home to our loved ones as well as ourselves.  We were able to experience more cuisines that were either new to our tastes or in areas or locations that are not often or at all found in the states.  Some of the foods we saw looked quite frankly repulsive, while others looked delicious, and some not like food at all.  A restaurant a few of us students went to was underground and had the most precious Italian ambiance.  Overall, the food of the day was satisfying both physically and culturally.

The main scheduled event for the day was a visit to the United States Consulate. We were all unsure of what to expect from this experience, but I think we would all agree it was very informative and interesting.  The representative that spoke to us informed us on their various functions and the duties of the foreign service employees.  Many of us were curious as to why we would visit U.S. territory on our trip to Europe, but we learned that the consulate provides many services to U.S. citizens traveling abroad.  They provide legal consultation as well as protection from foreign legal systems.  Another function is to help travelers who have lost their passports or who are in need of advice about medical services that are available.

Our second full day in Krakow has been full of lessons and knowledge that we all have been able to relate to in some ways. The difference between the European countries we have visited thus far compared to the U.S. has been mind-boggling. We're very much looking forward to the rest of our time in Krakow. 

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