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Jewish Synagogue and Schindler's Factory

May 31, 2013

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By Jessica Bader

SynagogueToday we went to the Jewish old town. We went into a 500 year old Jewish synagogue it was very interesting to see it still in the same state that it was without it being reconstructed. We were then able to go out to the cemetery where many Jews were buried, unfortunately the Nazi's came in and destroyed it so it had to be reconstructed.  Many of the headstones were broken so they made a wall with the broken headstones.     We then were able to stand in a few different spots where they filmed the movie Schindler's list.  We also saw the concentration camp "plaszow" that was in the movie and Amon Goeth's house in the movie and his actual house. There is a memorial not too far away from the concentration camp that we got to stop and go look at and look out to the Jewish land that was destroyed by the Nazi's. We also got to go Schindler's factory, while in the there we learned so many facts about WWII and about everything that Nazi's did to the Jew's.  We were able to see the living conditions of the Jew's once they were in the ghetto's and how difficult it was for them.  While working in Schindler's factory the Jewish people made many pots, it was a hard job for them but it saved them from going to the concentration camps. We were able to go into an room that had a list of all of the people that Schindler was able to save by having them work in his factory. It was really cool seeing things that we recognized from the movie there, but it was also sad knowing all of this was true and that this was the only way that many people survived during the Holocaust.  Going to Schindler's factory we were expecting a lot more out of it.  We thought that we would learn a lot more about what they did in the factory and expecting more emotion while in the factory than a lot of facts.  We did enjoy going and learn all of these things it just was not what we were expecting. 

Later in the day we got to go to the Kosciuszko mound, it was a very long and hard walk up to the top but once we made it up there it was worth it.  We were able to look out to the whole city and see the mountains and all the different buildings.  For a long time we all just sat there and looked out because it was so beautiful.  For dinner we went to Moo Moo burger and steak house and got some amazing burgers and steaks that were very different from the ones that we had back in the states.  

Schindler's Factory

Through this experience we were able to see Oskar Schindler's leadership style and that he was a very good leader, he created this factory to help save many Jewish people that were then free after the liberation.  This has shown us that if you are a leader you can make a big difference in what you are trying to accomplish.  This experiences has brightened our knowledge about Schindler's factory and the life of the people in Poland during the Holocaust.  This was very interesting for us to learn about because it was much different than how we know life today in the US.

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