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Jun 4, 2013

Tags: global leadership

By Jessica Bader

Today was our final day of our adventure. We woke up bright and early to set off on the journey. Once we were checked in and ready to go through security, we sadly said our goodbyes to our wonderful tour guide, Dharma. We really enjoyed having him with us on this trip and he told us the feeling was mutual. He commented, we were his best group he has had the chance to work with. We could not have had this trip be as successful as it was without his help. He helped plan everything, found out where everything was, and knew how to navigate around the city. We then got on the plane and flew to Frankfurt, Germany. Our 5 hour layover didn't allow us to explore Frankfurt, so we hung out in the airport.  It was painful to sit there for that long and not be able to do much at all, but its what we had to do. We then got on the plane to Chicago and were ready for the long, long flight before us. We all got comfortable and started watching movies. We tried to stay up because when we arrived in Chicago it would be 8pm. Many of us took short little naps but tried as hard as we could to stay awake. We then finally arrived in Chicago anticipating the dreaded customs. Surprisingly, not a lot of people were at customs at that time, so we were able to fly right through. Then we were off to the hotel for a nap and shower before we would be back at the airport for our final flight. When we made it to Chicago, we were all thinking back to this adventure and the fact that we woke up this morning in Poland and now we are back in the States.

The Group at the Airport in Poland

This entire trip has changed how we see everything. We have learned to appreciate the little things in life and not take the things we have for granted. This experience has made us all different people. We all came on this trip expecting something else. Everyone gained a new perspective and hopefully they gained more than they could have imagined. We are all leaving with different memories and lessons learned, but we are all leaving as a stronger group. This trip has reaffirmed our values or helped changed them for the better. We will never forget this experience and will continue to tell people about it for a very long time.

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